Stevens Erosion Control would like to announce an exciting merger with Thurn Seeding out of Dubuque.
Thurn Seeding was founded in 1997 by Steve and Angela Thurn. It was a family-run business with their sons and daughter working for the company alongside of their parents.
Similarly, Stevens Erosion Control began in the mid-1990s as Stockman's Erosion Control, owned by Jim and Sue Stockman. Brian and Heather Stevens took full ownership in 2010 and changed the name to Stevens Erosion Control.
Both of these businesses share the values of family unity, hard work and respecting their long-term employees. Together, the companies will employ close to 50 people who will work to protect the environment from the Minnesota to Missouri borders.
As said best by Angela Thurn, these are "two like-minded companies continuing to build a great team for the future of soil erosion".
Although the two companies are merging, Steve Thurn will continue to be the face of Thurn Seeding in Dubuque. The team at Stevens Erosion Control looks forward to the professional and personal opportunities that will develop out of this partnership. We will ensure the strong reputation of Thurn Seeding continues into the future with Stevens Erosion Control.